Plan to protect Portland’s residents, properties and floodplains coming this spring

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Planning and Sustainability Commission to hear a briefing on the Floodplain Resilience Plan on June 28. Proposed Draft for public review released at the end of June; public hearing on the draft to follow in July.

As climate change increases the chance of extreme weather events and excessive rain, the areas near rivers and other bodies of water are at greater risk of flooding and environmental disruption. The new Floodplain Resilience Plan will reduce the impacts of future flooding on residents and businesses living and working in or close to Portland’s floodplains. The plan will also help protect floodplain habitat for endangered and threatened fish species.  

The project responds to Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) guidance by updating the rules that apply to new development along the edges of Portland’s rivers and streams. The adoption of the Floodplain Resilience Plan will continue the City of Portland’s compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program’s flood protection requirements and maintain the 25% discount Portlanders currently receive on their flood insurance policies. The plan also advances floodplain management goals and policies in the City’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan.   

Learn about the Floodplain Resilience Plan 

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability released the Floodplain Resilience Plan Discussion Draft in November 2021. Portlanders were invited to comment until the end of January 2022. Since then, the project team and partner bureaus (Development Services, Environmental Services, and others) have been incorporating feedback and coordinating with Federal and state agencies on proposed updates to environmental regulations.  

On June 28, project staff will brief the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) on the project proposals. Around that time, staff will release a Proposed Draft for public review and comment. The PSC will hold a public hearing on the Proposed Draft later in July (consult the project calendar for updates).

You can view current proposals for properties in flood areas in the Map App. These proposals will be updated with the release of the Proposed Draft.  

Project schedule 

June 28 – Planning and Sustainability Commission briefing  

End of June – Release of the Proposed Draft   

July – Planning and Sustainability Commission public hearing on Proposed Draft (check calendar to confirm) 

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Jeff Caudill

City Planner II, Environmental