Planning and Sustainability Commission to hold additional public hearing on Ezone Map Correction Project on August 24

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Project schedule now includes another briefing, new public hearing and additional work session with the PSC to ensure property owners are informed and can testify on changes that may affect their property.

The Ezone Map Correction Project Proposed Draft was released in June 2020, and the Planning and Sustainability Commission held two public hearings on the proposed changes to the ezones in July 2020 and February 2021.

Over the past year, project staff or consultants have conducted more than 400 site visits to verify where streams, wetlands, forests and slopes are located on private property in Portland – primarily owned by homeowners or businesses.

On August 24, Portlanders will have another opportunity to testify on the outcome of the site visits, wetland determinations, and corrected conservation and protection overlay zone boundaries when the PSC holds another public hearing on the project. Check the PSC meeting for exact times and directions for how to testify as we get closer to the date.

The updated PSC schedule for the Ezone Project is:

  • June 4: Final wetland determinations
  • June 22: PSC briefing and project update
  • July 27: PSC work session on wetlands
  • July 28: Notice of the public hearing and instructions about how to testify
  • August 24: New PSC public hearing
  • August 25: Last day to request a site visit
  • September 10: Last site visits (streams/forests) and public record closes
  • September 28: PSC work session and final vote

Site visits must be requested by August 25 and completed by September 10 to be included in this phase of the project. (See also the wetland determination information below.) 

The ezone map corrections are based on the location of natural resource features, like a stream or tree canopy, on or near your property. You can see how the features are mapped by going to the Ezone Map App and looking up a street address. Then you can turn on and off information on the map, including streams, wetlands, forests and steep slopes.

If you think the map is incorrect, you can request a site visit from project staff, who will come out to your property to verify the location of streams, forests or steep slopes. To request a site visit from the Ezone Map App, enter a street address and then scroll down on the right to the button “Request a Site Visit.”  You can also contact Ezones staff.  

Please note, the Ezone Map App has not been updated since December 2020. The online map does not reflect site visits that have happened over the winter or this spring. The Ezone Map App will be updated in late July to reflect the results. If you have had a site visit, you should have received a follow-up email with the results. If you didn’t receive a follow-up email or would like another copy of the site visit results, please email staff.

Wetland determinations have ended for 2021

The Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) hired a consultant, SWCA, to perform wetland determinations this spring. In December 2020 a letter was sent to all properties with a potential mapped wetland informing them of the Ezone Project and providing a form to request a free wetland determination. The form needed to be returned to the city by Jan. 29, 2021, to receive a wetland determination in the spring.

More than 200 determinations were conducted between February and June 4. The data will be added to the Ezone Map Correction Project in late June and be available online in July. You can request a copy of the results of the wetland determination by contacting Ezones staff.

Wetland determinations are performed in the winter and spring months. If you missed this window, please let staff know and you will be added to a wait list for spring 2022. Wetland determinations are free when performed by BES or their consultant. 

You may also provide staff with the results of a wetland determination performed by a certified wetland scientist for inclusion in the project. Privately contracted wetland determinations must follow the wetland mapping protocols set by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Oregon Department of State Lands.

Learn more about the Ezone Project

There are two ways to view the Ezone Map Correction Project Proposed Draft:

  1. Look up your property at, click on “Ezone Project” and look up a street address. The map shows the proposed ezones.
  2. See the results of a site visit conducted since June 2020.
  3. Download a copy of the documents.