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What was adopted with the 2035 Comprehensive Plan


Annexation is the process of changing municipal boundaries to bring adjacent unincorporated areas into an existing city, typically to provide urban services not presently available. Properties must be within the municipal boundary of the City of Portland to receive City services.
Area/neighborhood/community plans and other related documents

District Planning

Learn more about District Planning and find contact information for the city planner for your district (also called District Liaison).
The Comprehensive Plan is one of many land use and development plans within a statewide planning program.
City officials use the Comprehensive Plan to guide land use and public facility investment decisions

Planning maps

Find interactive and printable (full-color, 44" x 34") maps of citywide adopted plans, business associations, Comp Plan designation, FAR and maximum heights, historic resources, neighborhood associations, zoning map, annexations, urban service boundary maps, and more.
The 2035 Comprehensive Plan vision, guiding principles, design direction, and tracking our progress toward those goals
The Zoning Map, in an interactive format, with address search functions. Comprehensive Plan designations are also displayed when a property is selected. Also learn how the Comp Plan and Zoning maps relate to each other.

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