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2035 Comprehensive Plan and supporting documents

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What was adopted with the 2035 Comprehensive Plan.
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2035 Comprehensive Plan (as amended through May 2023)

Full plan

Individual chapters

Supporting documents and maps

Urban Design

Economic Opportunities Analysis

Analysis of the long-term supply and demand for employment land in the city.

Housing Needs Analysis

Set of reports that analyze housing demand, supply and affordability.

Natural Resource Inventory

Inventories natural resources, including riparian corridors and wildlife habitat, in the city.

Infrastructure Condition and Capacity

Analysis of existing infrastructure condition and capacity.

Buildable Lands Inventory

Assessment of the City's capacity to accommodate projected changes in housing and employment.

Growth Scenarios Report

The report describes the environmental, social, economic and energy consequences of expected development in Portland through the year 2035.

Community Involvement Program

The Community Involvement Program serves as a framework to carry out policies from Chapter 2: Community Involvement, and will apply to legislative land use and transportation projects initiated by the City of Portland.

Public facilities plans


Interactive Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Map

Map of Significant Projects

Map of Major Transportation Projects

1980 Comprehensive Plan

No longer in effect as of 1 p.m., May 24, 2018


The community vision created through the visionPDX process as well as values, trends and challenges. It was adopted by City Council in September 2007.

The Portland Plan

2035 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review

Periodic Review Work Plan

Task 1: Community Involvement

Task 2: Inventory and Analysis

Task 3: Consideration of Alternatives

Task 4: Policy Choices

Task 5: Implementation

2035 Comprehensive Plan Zoning Code Amendments