Better Housing by Design project documents

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Adopted Code Amendments (January 2020)

Summary and analysis of the adopted Zoning Code and Map amendments

Compilation of the full text and commentary for all the adopted Zoning code and Comprehensive Plan amendments

Adopted Ordinance and Exhibits (December 2019)

Ordinance 189805, as amended by City Council

Exhibit A: Findings of Fact Report

Findings of Fact Report As Amended

Exhibit B

Better Housing by Design As Amended by City Council

Summary and analysis of Multi-Dwelling Zoning Code and Map amendments, as amended by City Council

Multi-Dwelling Zoning Code and Comprehensive Plan amendments with full text and commentary, as amended by City Council

Additional Zoning Code amendments, primarily updating other zoning code chapters for consistency, as amended by City Council

Better Housing by Design Report Appendices

Compilation of Comprehensive Plan policies related to the multi-dwelling zones

Graphics and summary information from modeling of the draft development standards for each multi-dwelling zone

Summarizes findings from a feasibility analysis of the proposed base and bonus FARs

Presents concepts for new multi-dwelling zoning code regulations

Provides background information and outlines development and design issues in the multi-dwelling zones

Assesses the extent to which the proposed code changes could cause redevelopment of existing multi-dwelling housing

Presents a PBOT strategy for improving street connectivity, focusing on East Portland centers

Exhibit C: As Amended Comprehensive Plan Map Designations

Comprehensive Plan Map showing multi-dwelling designations, as amended by City Council

Exhibit D: As Amended Zoning Map Designations

Zoning map of multi-dwelling zones and changes to overlay zones, as amended by City Council

Exhibit E: Title 30 (Affordable Housing) Amendments

Title 30 amendments for the Multi-Dwelling Zones Deeper Housing Affordability FAR Density Program

Background information

Over the past several years, the City has been working on housing, transportation and development issues in Portland’s higher density residential neighborhoods. With agency and nonprofit partners, City planners have focused on improving livability, public health and access to amenities for people living in multi-dwelling housing, in addition to addressing design issues related to infill development. The results of that community engagement, research and analysis informed the scope and purpose of the Better Housing by Design project. The following reports reflect those findings:

 8-page summary of the Better Housing by Design code amendments

 Appendix to the Better Housing by Design Concept Report presenting information on urban heat islands

Report from a series of background reports for the Portland Plan focused on the qualities of place, and describing Portland's neighborhood pattern areas

In 2007, the City of Portland invited architects from around the world to share ideas on the design possibilities of housing oriented to shared courtyards

A pilot project of The Portland Plan

A guide for improving livability in outer East Portland

The Infill Design Project’s objective was to improve the design of multidwelling and rowhouse development in neighborhoods outside Portland’s Central City.

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