Resources for affordable housing development in Portland

The following resources are useful to community- and faith-based organizations planning to develop affordable housing. Many of these organizations develop housing through collaborative partnerships.
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These resources represent the continuum of housing needs in our community. Funding sources also represent that continuum and vary by type of project.

Government services

Resources provided by local, regional, and state government related to affordable housing development.

Portland Housing Bureau (PHB) – 503-823-2375 

Affordable Housing bond fund

Home buyer resources

Disability Services

State of Oregon Housing and Community Services

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program 
  • Let’s Invest for Tomorrow (LIFT) Funding
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Funding Pilot

Metro Affordable homes for greater Portland – 503-813-6893, 

  • Affordable Housing bond fund  
  • Supportive Services bond funding

Nonprofit consulting services

Supports organizations’ visions to develop affordable housing, from funding through the development process.

Housing Development Corporation (HDC)

Nonprofit developers

Organizations that include Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and other not-for-profit agencies that develop rental and home ownership housing, often in partnership with mission-based organizations.


Community-based nonprofit and for-profit lending organizations — not a comprehensive list.

Not for profit lenders

For-profit lenders

  • Local Credit Unions and banks (ideally with a relationship to your organization)

Foundations and grant organizations

Local and regional organizations that offer loans and grants for capacity building, affordable housing development and support.

Home ownership services

Organizations supporting individuals and families on the path to home ownership, and organizations that develop home ownership units.

Houseless services and development

Organizations that provide housing and/or resources for houseless persons, and that develop housing serving individuals and families coming from or at risk of houselessness.

Culturally specific organizations

Organizations that focus on the continuum of needs of individuals and families from specific demographics; some of the resources they provide include housing services.

Tools for research, zoning information, development

Housing and other resources information