BPS statement on HB2001 and SB534

Press Release
How the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability's work on Residential Infill Project and other housing opportunity initiatives aligns with new state legislation


Donnie Oliveira



Portland, ORE. — With the passage of HB2001 (middle housing) and SB534 (narrow lots) in the state legislature — and expected Governor’s signature — the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability can begin to determine how the Residential Infill Project meets the bills' objectives.

Bureau staff will be doing a crosswalk of the two bills and the Residential Infill Project to validate the Planning and Sustainability Commission’s (PSC) recommendation and identify any gaps before taking the project to City Council in the fall. For example, we know that we will need to adjust the historically narrow lots recommendation to comply with SB534. HB2001 has a compliance deadline of June 30, 2021, while the SB534 compliance deadline is March 1, 2020. 

In addition, City Council has funded an anti-displacement project to anticipate and mitigate any unintended displacement of under-represented residents as we continue to implement the Comprehensive Plan. We are currently scoping the project now. 

Our plan is to bring this Housing Opportunities Initiative, the combination of a proposed Anti-Displacement Strategy draft, Residential Infill Project and Better Housing by Design projects as well as the state legislation impacts to City Council this fall. 

Tentative timeline

July 2019

  • Anti-displacement Project scoping begins
  • HB2001 and SB534 Impact Analysis begins   

August 2019

  • Recommended Residential Infill Project/Better Housing by Design drafts published 
  • Community outreach begins
  • PSC briefing on the Housing Opportunities Initiative (Residential Infill Project/Better Housing by Design/Anti-Displacement Strategy/State legislation)

September 2019 – City Council work session (to be confirmed)

October 2019 – Better Housing by Design to Council; public hearings 

November 2019 – Residential Infill Project to Council; public hearings

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