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Consulting Opportunity for BPS’ Waste Equity Workplan

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Applications due to Kapwa Consulting, LLC by November 17.


In addition to the new Waste Equity Advisory Body, there is another exciting upcoming opportunity to engage with BPS’s work advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in Portland’s garbage and recycling programs.

BPS has contracted with Kapwa Consulting, LLC to provide consulting and assistance on the implementation of the Waste Equity Workplan. Kapwa Consulting, LLC is seeking three individuals to serve as Waste Equity Consultants, to work on this project as sub-contractors to the City of Portland through a contract with Kapwa Consulting, LLC.

Waste Equity Consultants will:

  • Participate in Waste Equity Workplan working groups to provide needed expertise and perspective rooted in an understanding of racial and social inequities in Portland as they relate to contracting and the City of Portland’s garbage and recycling programs.
  • Collaborate with other working group members (City staff, consultants, and external partners) to develop options, proposals, and implementation strategies for actions in the Waste Equity Workplan.
  • Attend meetings of the Waste Equity Advisory Group, which provides oversight and accountability for the implementation of the Waste Equity Workplan and reviews and recommends updates to the Workplan annually.

For more information about this opportunity and application instructions, see the RFQ from Kapwa Consulting, LLC: Applications are due no later than 11 p.m. on Nov. 17, 2019.

What is the difference between the Waste Equity Consultants and Waste Equity Advisory Body opportunity?

The two opportunities are separate, but related. We are looking for similar qualifications in applicants for both opportunities, including a commitment to advancing equity.

The main differences are role and time commitment:

  • Advisory Group members are unpaid volunteers with an oversight and accountability role and will meet for approximately 16 hours over the course of the year.
  • Waste Equity Consultants are paid and have a more time-intensive role working alongside City staff to develop implementation strategies, up to eight hours per month over the course of the year. 

Since paid Waste Equity Consultant positions are limited, we encourage people who are interested in getting engaged in this work to consider applying for both opportunities.

To apply to serve on the Waste Equity Advisory Group, fill out the online application at: