Scenario 2: Employment

Scenario 2 focuses on opportunities to broaden the range of jobs and types of employment in the Northwest Portland portion of the study area.

This scenario allows the continuation of many of the area’s industrial uses, but would allow for development of more intense office and institutional uses over time. Much of the area, particularly south of Nicolai Street and east of the former ESCO site is currently zoned for General Industrial uses. This scenario would change much of that industrial zoning to an ‘Employment’ designation to allow a broader range of employment uses, including offices for a full range of uses including legal services, finance, real estate, and others, and institutional uses such as schools/colleges, and medical centers.


This scenario includes the following attributes:

  1. Creates space and support for a diversity of economic activities and jobs.
  2. The concept envisions the Main Streets as places to celebrate a diversity of employment activities, sectors, and scales (business and building sizes).
  3. Conservation and reuse of existing structures to provide affordable context for startups and new initiatives.
  4. Envisions the ESCO site as a high-density employment site.
  5. Montgomery Park and the American Can Building become a mixed use neighborhood in addition to the existing employment anchor.
  6. Prioritizes Roosevelt Street as the primary public shared space for the district, designed to optimize industry efficiencies and collaboration.

View detailed maps of the district concept, land use & urban form, transportation, and the public realm for Scenario 2: