Scenario 1: Enhanced Industrial

Scenario 1 focuses on opportunities to create jobs in the Northwest Portland portion of the study area, and maintains and builds upon the area’s industrial heritage.

Much of this area, particularly south of Nicolai Street and east of the former ESCO site, is currently zoned for General Industrial uses. This scenario complies with industrial land preservation policies by retaining much of the existing industrial zoning in that area, but it would permit a slightly broader range of uses, including creative and industrial office uses. This is similar to the approach used in the industrially-zoned areas of Portland’s Central Eastside, in the Central City.


This scenario includes the following attributes:

  1. Creates an industrial-focused sustainable economy through zoning and land use. The concept allows for more flexibility in land uses to include creative offices within the Industrial zones.
  2. The concept envisions the transit streets as Main Streets that act as a hub for local, innovative manufacturing.
  3. Intends the Main Streets to host smaller maker spaces that benefit from visibility/ foot traffic.
  4. Envisions the ESCO site as a corporate campus or other large business/office space.
  5. Montgomery Park and the American Can Building become a mixed use neighborhood in addition to the existing employment anchor.
  6. Prioritizes intermodal hubs and ‘people’-focus streets to make moving through the district safe and predictable.


View detailed maps of the district concept, land use & urban form, transportation, and the public realm for Scenario 1: