Share Your Thoughts on Development and Transit Plans for NW and NE Portland - Visit the MP2H Open House and Survey!

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Should the City extend Portland Streetcar or new transit in NW or NE Portland? What kind of new development do you envision in these places? Affordable housing? Commercial and retail? Industrial uses? New offices? Something else?

The Montgomery Park to Hollywood Transit and Land Use Development Strategy (MP2H) is considering equitable development plans for transit-oriented districts in NW Portland and NE Portland.  The MP2H Urban Design Concepts provide information on possible land use Development Scenarios for the NW study area, and possible streetcar/transit Alignment Alternatives for the NE study area.

Help us shape the future of land use and transit that better serves these major destinations!

Virtual Open House – deadline for feedback extended to August 9, 2020

Please visit the Urban Design Concept Virtual Open Houses to learn more, then tell us what you think by completing the Open House Survey!