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MP2H Project Working Group – Member List

List of Project Working Group Members and Affiliations

Brian Ames
Property owner in Guild’s Lake (GLIS) within the study area

Stephanie Basalyga (or designee)
Micro Enterprise Solutions of Oregon (CBO Grantee)

Raymond Becich
Pearl District resident. Member of Friends of Portland Streetcar.

Reza Farhoodi
Pearl District board member and resident

Craig Hamilton (or designee)
Northwest Industrial Business Association (CBO Grantee)

Dalton Humann
NW/Guild’s Lake (GLIS) resident

Kashea Kilson‐Anderson
Hollywood Senior/Urban League (CBO Grantee)

Jen Macias
NW/Slabtown resident and business owner. NWDA board member.

Greg Madden
Guild’s Lake (GLIS) area business owner. Former NIBA board member.

Joy Pearson
Friendly House (CBO Grantee)

Steve Pinger
NWDA planning committee, board member. NW resident.

Stephen Ramos
NW resident. NWDA planning committee.

Phil Selinger
NWDA transportation committee. NW resident.

Mike Stonebreaker
NW resident. NWDA board member.

Jordan Winkler
Property owner in Guild's Lake (GLIS) within the study area.

Alexandra Zimmermann
Portland Streetcar Inc. board member. NW resident and NWDA committee member.