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MP2H Discussion Draft documents and next steps in the project.
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The MP2H-NW Plan Discussion Draft is an initial City proposal, informed by community feedback as well as an analysis of alternate scenarios. The Discussion Draft is available for public review and comment through April 22, 2022. Public feedback on the Discussion Draft will help the project team refine the plan in order to present a Proposed Draft to the Planning and Sustainability Commission for public hearings and a recommendation (Recommended Draft) to City Council for additional public hearings and a vote.

The Discussion Draft includes two volumes and appendices:

What's next?

A Proposed Draft Plan is expected in Spring 2022. It will be considered by the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC). The PSC will consider public testimony, deliberate, amend the proposal, and make recommendations to Portland City Council.

A Recommended Draft Plan is expected in Summer/Fall 2022. It is forwarded by the PSC to Portland City Council for public testimony, deliberation, amendments, and possible adoption.

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