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Recommended changes for Historic Resource Inventory Properties

Large square stone house with full staircase leading up to it
Properties on the Historic Resource Inventory (HRI) were documented for their historic significance by the City in 1984. This page provides a summary of the primary HRCP recommendations applicable to HRI properties.
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Historic Resource Inventory Names

graphic showing landmarks, districts, and significant resources regulated by code; documented and demolished resources are not

Since 1984, Historic Resource Inventory (HRI) has meant a type of resource (building, structure, object) that has been documented for potential historic significance but not designated by the City or National Park Service as a landmark or district. The HRI includes Ranked (significant) and Unranked (interesting, but not significant) properties.

The recommended amendments would re-structure the HRI to serve as the City of Portland’s full list of recognized historic resources, both designated and undesignated. To advance this change, the proposal recommends renaming the existing roster of Ranked Resources (Rank I, II, and III) as Significant Resources. Additionally, the recommended amendments remove reference to Unranked Resources from the historic resource regulations of the zoning code, while retaining documentation of Unranked Resources on the broader HRI for research purposes.

Demolition Delay and Removal

Gray brick church building with square tower and stairs leading up to it
Mt Olivet Baptist Church, a 1921 building significant for African American religious and civil rights history that has been identified as a Ranked Resource but is not designated as a landmark (as of June 2021, a National Register Landmark nomination is in progress for the building).

Ranked Resources on the HRI are currently subject to 120-day demolition delay. Demolition delay is an administrative procedure with no process to extend the delay period or deny the application. With the exception of changing the name of Ranked Resources to Significant Resources, the recommendations retain the 120-day demolition delay requirement for Significant Resources.

The amendments would, however, require a demolition application to initiate the 120-day demolition delay, eliminating an existing allowance to remove resources from the HRI without a corresponding demolition application. No additional historic resource regulations would apply to Significant Resources unless or until a resource is designated by the City or National Park Service as a landmark or district.

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