Portlanders had a blast at Sunday Parkways on the Green Loop

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A street with vendor tents on both sides, and a crowd of people walking their bicycles through
Some 33,000 riders, striders, walkers, rollers and strollers turned out to celebrate and explore the proposed six-mile linear park around the Central City.

Image removed.It was hot. It was crowded. It was fun. It was rowdy. It was colorful. It was joyful.

It was epic.

It was Sunday Parkways on the Green Loop.

On July 22, 2018, tens of thousands of people (roughly 33,000) flocked to the Central City to experience a concept, an idea – of what the future could look like. A day Portlanders and visitors from all over the region may look back on and say, “I was there.”

It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between community members and their city.

Relive the moments through pictures

Watch a video of the event

What’s the big deal?

People standing around a table with a scaled down version of The Green Loop

The Green Loop concept has been around since the early days of the Central City 2035 planning process. As community members expressed a desire for a car-free way to get all the way around the central city, urban designers, land use and transportation planners, bike and pedestrian advocates, and many others gave birth to the idea of the Green Loop:

A six-mile linear park around the Central City, where people of all ages and abilities could enjoy a safe way to get to work, go for a jog, meet friends or family, see a cultural event, have a picnic or take a nap.

As plans for the Central City evolved, so did the Green Loop concept. And in May, City Council adopted the former and passed a resolution to move the latter forward.

Then Sunday Parkways happened. And the Green Loop went from concept to reality in one sunny five-hour afternoon.

It was as envisioned:

  • People on bikes
  • Kids on trikes
  • People in wheelchairs
  • Skidders on scooters
  • Drummers, strummers and hummers
  • Fish, goats and pets large and small
  • People splashing in fountains
  • People jumping in the river
  • And, of course, balloons and bubbles
  • And so much more.

Missed it?

Read all about the day of the event as well as media coverage beforehand.

And stay connected!

Visit the Green Loop website to learn more and sign up to stay informed and support the Green Loop.

See you on the Loop!