Participate in Graffiti Removal

A volunteer works to remove unauthorized graffiti from a utility box.
The City of Portland's Graffiti Volunteer Program provides supplies to community members interested in removing unwanted graffiti on public and private properties (with permission from the property owner).

Please email for more detailed information on how to volunteer.

Get a Graffiti Removal Kit

If you need to remove a small amount of graffiti from your home or business, our graffiti removal kits are the perfect way to get started.

The kits work best on nonporous surfaces like glass, plastic, and metal, and are not suitable for removing large graffiti. Graffiti on wooden fences, sidewalks, or other porous surfaces will likely require pressure washing.

To request a removal kit, please email

Volunteers are never allowed to remove graffiti from the fronts of any street signs. Please contact us with questions about different types of graffiti removal.

For more questions, please email us at


Graffiti Program Coordinator