Report Graffiti

Report graffiti or other types of defacement to private or public property.

2 to 4 minutes


Is the location on private property?
Are you listed as the property owner in the county tax records?
Are you a tenant of the property owner?
Does your lease authorize you to approve graffiti abatement on the property's exterior?

Next Steps

Graffiti kits consist of a solvent spray, gloves, rag, and safety goggles. They are best used to remove graffiti from metal and glass surfaces. Kits cannot be shipped and must be picked up at our downtown office. To request a kit and coordinate pickup, please email us at

If this location has a name, such as a business or public building, please enter it here.
Please provide any other details that might help us locate the site you are reporting.
Is this graffiti hate speech or gang related?
What type of property is it?
Are you a corporate franchise?

You don't qualify for graffiti removal assistance.

Please visit the Graffiti Removal Assitance page to find contact information for the names and phone numbers of contractors who can help with removal.

Are you a neighbor or tenant of the property?

Next Steps

Please talk to the owner of the property.

Is the graffiti on a STOP, ONE-WAY, or DO NOT ENTER sign?
Is the graffiti above ground level (more than 8 feet up)?
Is the graffiti on a mural?
A clear photo of the graffiti is essential to help us determine the resources needed to address it. We only need one photo for each piece of graffiti at this location. Please do not submit multiple angles of the same graffiti.
Maximum 4 files.
30 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, svg, jpeg.

Graffiti Removal Service Agreement

As owner/lessee of the above address, I agree to participate in the graffiti removal project with the following considerations:

  1. Owner/lessee grants permission for the City to enter the property listed above to remove any graffiti. The City may contract with an independent contractor, consisting of crew leaders and staff, to perform the actual graffiti abatement. Owner/lessee understands that the contractor will not enter the property if it is determined that conditions on the property are not safe for performing the graffiti removal.
  2. The City will provide any labor and materials needed to remove the graffiti free of charge. The performance of work is not dependent upon any reimbursement.
  3. Neither the Contractor nor the City of Portland has, or will have, any responsibility or obligation, legal or otherwise, in connection with the work performed, or with the materials or equipment supplied, except as expressly stated herein.
  4. The City does not match paint colors. The paint used to cover graffiti may be noticeably different than the original.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the application for graffiti abatement and have answered all questions contained in the application truthfully and completely. I further acknowledge that failure on my part to answer questions truthfully and completely may result in legal action taken against me.

Do you agree?
We will use your email address to respond to your report or request if needed.

Public Records Statement

Information you provide to the City is a public record and may be subject to release under Oregon’s Public Records Law. This law classifies certain information as available to the public on request. See our privacy statement for more information.


You must agree to the terms above in order to submit this form and request assistance.


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