Prevent Graffiti Through Environmental Design

Photo of vines growing up the side of a building
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a method used by architects, city planners, landscape and interior designers, and law enforcement to create a safer community.

Property owners repeatedly targeted by graffiti can look to CPTED as a cost-effective way to prevent graffiti.

Here are some examples of CPTED:

  • Plant fast-growing, low-maintenance, bushes or trees along the sides of buildings. For example, “Rosa Rugosa” helps protect buildings and doesn’t need much attention once it is planted.
  • Install lattice-work trellises with vines on the side of the building to reduce open space.
  • Improve outside lighting and install visible security cameras.
  • Commission murals to prevent unwanted tagging and graffiti.

As always, it is important to photograph, report, and remove graffiti as soon as possible (within 10 days, per Portland City Code 14B.80).

Find out how to report graffiti


Graffiti Program Coordinator