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Official City of Portland garbage, recycling and waste disposal policies and regulations
Businesses in Portland are required to recycle paper, metal cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles/jars.
Whether you can compost – and what goes in the compost bin – varies depending on where you live or work.
Garbage, recycling and food waste containers are not allowed to be stored on public sidewalks or streets.
Learn how to set up garbage service for your business.
Learn how to set up garbage service for your home or smallplex (2-4 units).
Learn how to set up garbage service if you own or manage a multifamily property.
What you can – and can’t – put in your garbage can.
System overview, structure and milestones
Find a company to pick up garbage, recycling and compost from your business.
Foam container ban for Styrofoam™ and others
Whether you’re at home or work, the materials you can recycle are the same. Mixed paper, plastic bottles and tubs, and metal containers and foil, are all allowed in the recycling bins together. Glass bottles and jars go in a separate “glass-only” labeled container.
How to collect food scraps and yard debris, use optional liners, find tips and resources.
Find Portland residential garbage, recycling and compost collection rates, as well as information about how the City sets these rates.

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