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Learn what can and can’t go in your green compost bin in Portland. For homes, that includes food and yard waste. At businesses, it's food only.
Learn what can and can’t go in your garbage bin in Portland.
Paper, plastic, and metal go in your blue recycling bin. Glass should always be collected in a separate glass-only bin. Whether you’re at home, work, or school, the materials you can recycle in Portland are the same.

Who picks up my garbage?

Find out which garbage company is assigned to your home* and how to contact them.
From road closures to home heating tips, the City of Portland can help you stay safe when severe weather hits. We're responsible for your streets, parks, water, storm drains and garbage collection, which can all be impacted by winter weather. Up-to-date winter weather information can be found here.
Learn about Portland's garbage and recycling system, including its history, key policies, and what happens to your recycling and compost after it leaves your home or business.
Have questions, concerns, or complaints regarding your garbage, recycling or compost service? We’re here to help.
Any person collecting commercial solid waste within the City must obtain a commercial collection permit.
Food businesses in Portland will be required to compost their food scraps, starting in 2023 for some businesses.
City of Portland regulations for businesses related to recycling, single-use bags, Styrofoam, single-use plastics, and proper waste container storage.
Print garbage, recycling, and compost posters for your business. Or order printed posters or stickers.
Learn how to set up or improve recycling at your business. Get free posters and stickers, staff training tools, and tips for recycling at your office, restaurant, or shop.
Businesses in Portland are required to recycle. This includes paper, metal, and plastic, as well as glass bottles and jars.

Buy compost

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) composts more than 5,000 tons of leaves collected through the city's Leaf Day program each year. Removing leaves from our streets is critical to keeping streets safe from clogged storm drains, flooded intersections, and slippery streets.
How to help clean up litter and graffiti in your neighborhood and around Portland. Plus, where to report overflowing public trash cans, abandoned vehicles or shopping carts, and other areas with large quantities of trash.
Events and efforts to support collection of household items that aren’t easily disposed of through regular garbage and recycling service, such as mattresses, furniture, rugs, appliances, electronics, or Styrofoam.
How to set up food scrap compost collection at multifamily properties. This includes apartments, condos, townhomes, and any residential community with five or more units.
Garbage, recycling and compost containers are not allowed to be stored on public sidewalks or streets.

Dumpster Day Events

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability hosted neighborhood events around the city in May and June of 2023 where people who live in the area can get rid of large, bulky trash items.
Information and resources to help you set up recycling at your event.
Learn how to set up and maintain a food scraps compost program at your restaurant, grocery store, bakery, or other food-related business.
Sign up for free reminders of which waste bins to set out each week. Reminders are available by email, app, text, or phone call. Or print a calendar that shows your weekly garbage, recycling, and compost pickup schedule.
City of Portland rules related to garbage, recycling, and compost, pertaining to garbage companies, residential customers, and commercial customers (including businesses and multifamily properties).
Learn how to set up garbage, recycling, and compost collection service for your business.
Learn how to set up garbage service for your home, duplex, triplex, or fourplex. And find out what to do in case of a missed pickup, plus rules for setting your bins at the curb, and what to do with extras that don't fit in your bin.

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