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Look up your garbage company's name and contact information. Find out what days to set out your trash, recycling and compost. And sign up for garbage day email reminders or download a printable garbage collection schedule.
Have questions, concerns, or complaints regarding your garbage, recycling or compost service? We’re here to help.
Any person collecting commercial solid waste within the City must obtain a commercial collection permit.
Official City of Portland garbage, recycling and waste disposal policies and regulations
Businesses in Portland are required to recycle paper, metal cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles/jars.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) composts more than 5,000 tons of leaves collected through the city's Leaf Day program each year. Removing leaves from our streets is critical to keeping streets safe from clogged storm drains, flooded intersections, and slippery streets.
These events offered neighborhood, community and nonprofit organizations funds for disposal of bulky household waste.
Whether you can compost – and what goes in the compost bin – varies depending on where you live or work.
Garbage, recycling and food waste containers are not allowed to be stored on public sidewalks or streets.
The City of Portland is providing one-time garbage bill credits to provide financial relief to Portland residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Learn how to set up garbage service for your business.
Learn how to set up garbage service for your home or smallplex (2-4 units).
Learn how to set up garbage service if you own or manage a multifamily property.
What you can – and can’t – put in your garbage can.
System overview, structure and milestones
How you set up service depends on whether you’re at home or at work, whether you own or rent your home, and whether you live in a house or a larger building.
Order free garbage, recycling, and compost signs for rental home, smallplex, or multifamily tenants.

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Find a company to pick up garbage, recycling and compost from your business.
Foam container ban for Styrofoam™ and others
Easy-to-use printable guides for what goes in – or must stay out – of each cart. (English, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Lao, Chinese, Romanian, Somali, Ukrainian)
Whether you’re at home or work, the materials you can recycle are the same. Mixed paper, plastic bottles and tubs, and metal containers and foil, are all allowed in the recycling bins together. Glass bottles and jars go in a separate “glass-only” labeled container.
Low-income and health condition related households can apply to increase their trash disposal capacity at no cost.
Disabled residential customers who are unable to carry garbage, composting, or recycling carts to the curb because of a health condition may apply for this service.