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Residential garbage rates

Find Portland residential garbage, recycling and compost collection rates, as well as information about how the City sets these rates.
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Standard service rates


Your monthly waste collection charge is based on the size of your garbage container. Call your garbage company to change the size of your container. Note: Some homes on the westside of Portland fall into the Westside Terrain rates area.

4 garbage cart sizes showing how many garbage bags fit in each - 2, 3, 4, and 5.
*A once every four week option is also available for 35-gal carts, at $25.85 per month.
Cart sizeWeight limitPickup frequencyMonthly cost
20-gal roll cart60 lbEvery other week$28.55
35-gal roll cart85 lbEvery other week*$33.15*
60-gal roll cart135 lbEvery other week$37.35
90-gal roll cart175 lbEvery other week$43.60

Recycling and compost 

Weekly collection of recycling (paper, metal, and plastic), compost (food and yard debris), and glass recycling is included in the price of garbage service. 

ContainerWeight limitPickup frequencyMonthly cost
Recycling 60-gal roll cart135 lbWeeklyIncluded with garbage service
Compost 60-gal roll cart135 lbWeeklyIncluded with garbage service
Glass recycling bin 35 lbWeeklyIncluded with garbage service

Extra services

If you rent a house or apartment, ask your property manager before setting out extra items. 

Extra garbage bag next to can, yard debris bag next to cart, tree next to cart.
Type of serviceInstructionsCost
Extra garbage (bag or can)Max 32 gal and 55 lb; set out on your garbage day;$5.00
Extra yard debris (paper bag, bundle, or can)Max 32 gal and 45 lb; set next to green cart$3.75
Holiday treeMax 6 feet tall; set on curb or next to green cart$5.10
Large, bulky items not fitting in cartCall your garbage company before setting out at curbSet by company

Rates for all available services

Find rates for all available garbage, recycling and compost services, including on-call service, smallplexes (2-4 residential units), special requests and Westside Terrain charges. 

How rates are set

Every year the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability conducts a rate review to establish fair and equitable rates for franchised garbage and recycling companies to charge the public for residential collection services. These services include collection of garbage, recycling and compost.

The rate review includes analysis by an economist and an independent CPA. A range of impacts are evaluated to determine the cost of providing service— including labor, equipment and fuel costs, the average weight of garbage in each can size, disposal charges for solid waste and compostables and the market value of recyclables (revenues which partially offset costs). These factors are summarized in the annual Rate Study. See the latest study: 

The proposed rates are then reviewed by the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC). The PSC includes 11 volunteer members with expertise in a range of areas. Their major role is to advise City Council on Portland’s long-range goals, policies and programs for land use, planning and sustainability. Following their review, the rates are forwarded to City Council who has final determination on rates charged to customers.

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