Early garbage pickup on Friday, July 30 during extreme heat

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Waste bins sitting on curb. Text reads: Set bins out at night. Pickup starts early to keep drivers safe during high temps.
Set bins out at the curb the night before; collection will start earlier than normal.

Don’t miss a pickup: Set bins out the night before

To protect the health and safety of waste collection drivers, collection will begin earlier than usual on Friday, July 30. Early pickup may continue if extreme temperatures persist.

This allows drivers to start in the cooler morning hours, reducing exposure to extreme temperatures and potential health risks.

“We are asking our residential customers to keep our drivers safe by placing carts at the curb the night before,” said Josh Brown, district manager for Arrow Sanitary. “Our drivers work 10- to 11-hour days. Allowing drivers to start collection early will get them off the streets earlier and reduce the potential for heat-related illnesses.”

Residential customers should set out their garbage, recycling, and compost bins the night before their collection day to avoid missing a pickup.

Stay ahead of the weather

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If your pickup is missed, please contact your garbage and recycling company directly. For other questions related to garbage and recycling, contact the City of Portland's Curbside Hotline at 503-823-7202.


Eden Dabbs

City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability