Early garbage pickup on hot days

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Waste bins sitting on curb. Text reads: Set bins out at night. Pickup starts early to keep drivers safe during high temps.
On very hot days, waste collection may start earlier than usual for the safety of collection drivers. Residential customers should set garbage, recycling, and compost bins out at the curb the night before.
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Don’t miss a pickup: Set bins out the night before

On very hot days, waste collection drivers may start picking up earlier than 6 a.m. 

If temperatures will be close to 100 degrees on your regular pickup day, set out garbage, recycling, and compost bins the night before to avoid missing a pickup.

The City allows garbage companies to pick up early on very hot days to protect the health and safety of waste collection drivers.

As Josh Brown, district manager for Arrow Sanitary, one of Portland's residential garbage companies, explains:

“We are asking our residential customers to keep our drivers safe by placing carts at the curb the night before. Our drivers work 10- to 11-hour days. Allowing drivers to start collection early will get them off the streets earlier and reduce the potential for heat-related illnesses.”

If your pickup is missed, please contact your garbage and recycling company directly. For other questions related to garbage and recycling, contact our Curbside Hotline.

If you plan to drop off hazardous waste, or other types of waste, at one of Metro's transfer stations, check Metro's website or call 503-234-3000 to confirm their hours: They may close early due to the heat.

Find additional heat-related information and resources from the City of Portland and Public Alerts.

Recolección temprana de basura

Clientes residenciales: coloque contenedores de basura, reciclaje y abono en la acera la noche antes de su día de recolección. La recolección comenzará temprano para proteger a los conductores durante el período de calor extremo.

Заблаговременное размещение мусора

К сведению жильцов: пожалуйста, размещайте баки с мусором, утилем и компостом на обочине вечером перед началом их утреннего сбора; сбор начинается рано утром, чтобы водители не подвергались перегреву.

Gom rác sớm

Khách hàng tư gia: Vui lòng đặt các thùng rác, thùng tái chế và thùng ủ vi sinh ở lề đường vào đêm trước ngày thu gom của quý vị. Việc thu gom sẽ sớm được bắt đầu để bảo vệ những người lái xe trong thời gian nắng nóng khắc nghiệt.