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New garbage rates and collection schedules

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Starting July 1, 2020 new residential garbage collection rates will take effect. Portland residents will receive the twice-yearly Curbsider mailer, including an updated collection schedule, in late June or early July.

Garbage bins on the sidewalk in front of a home

Garbage rates will change on July 1

Most residential customers will see an increase of $1 on their monthly garbage bill starting July 1, 2020. This covers increased costs faced by garbage and recycling companies, including a new state tax and investments in newer, cleaner trucks.

See the new rates and learn how rates are set.

Renters and Property owners: A reminder that property owners of residential (1-4 unit) rental properties are required to set up and pay for service for tenants.

Note: Residential rates apply to houses and smallplexes (2-4 units); rates for multi-family communities and businesses are not set by the City.

Curbsider and Collection schedules

The annual summer Curbsider mailer will arrive in mailboxes between late June and early July. It will include a 12-month garbage collection schedule starting with July 2020. (Or see it now, in purple or orange schedule versions.)

You can also sign up for weekly email reminders, sent the day before your pick-up day, at www.garbagedayreminders.com.

Looking for a reminder of what’s allowed in each bin? This Curbsider will not include a recycling guide but you can download a printable guide. Or find out what can, and can't, go in your recycling, compost and garbage bins.