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COVID-19 updates related to Garbage, Recycling and Compost service

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Please bag all trash for driver and community safety. Put out your garbage, recycling and compost carts on your normally scheduled pickup days.
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Bag all garbage

For the health and safety of waste collectors and the community, please bag all garbage as tightly and securely as possible. You may use any type of bag. (Note: Do not bag recycling. Plastic bags should never be put in recycling or compost.)

Wipes go in the garbage. Cleaning wipes should always go in the garbage. Never put wipes in your recycling or compost, even if they're labeled compostable or biodegradable. Never flush wipes down the toilet, even if they're labeled flushableThey can clog sewers.

What to do with extra garbage

You can set out extra bags of garbage for $5 per bag. These bags should be tightly tied and set out next to your garbage container on your regular garbage pickup day. Each bag cannot be more than 32 gallons in size and 55 pounds in weight. Renters: Ask the landlord before setting out extra garbage.

You can also contact your garbage company to change the size of your garbage container at any time. If you don’t know your garbage company, you can look it up, or find their name and number on your waste containers.

Garbage roll carts come in 20-gallon, 35-gallon, 60-gallon and 90-gallon sizes and are provided by your garbage and recycling company. (For comparison, standard residential recycling roll carts are 60-gallon size.)

Moving to a larger container will increase your monthly garbage bill (see rates), but you can always return to a smaller container later on.

Renters: You must contact the landlord to make changes to your garbage service. Landlords are required by the City to provide adequate garbage service.

What to do with big, bulky items

Call your garbage company before putting any large items out on the curb to find out when they can pick up the item(s) and how much it will cost. There may be other pick-up or drop-off options: Contact Metro at 503-234-3000 or use their online search tool

What to do if pickup is delayed

Your pickup time or day may be delayed depending on garbage company staff availability or schedule changes designed to protect staff.

If your cart(s) have not been emptied on your normal pickup day, leave them at the curb and contact your garbage company within 48 hours. Your garbage company will empty them as soon as they are able.

What if I can't pay my garbage bill?

Call your garbage and recycling company if you need to delay payment due to financial hardship because of COVID-19.

Changes to deposit bottle drop-off locations

Some grocery and retail stores have temporarily stopped accepting deposit bottles. Before taking deposit bottles for redemption, check this BottleDrop location map, which is updated daily and includes a temporary additional location in NW Portland. Read more BottleDrop updates.

Sign up for updates

Subscribe to weekly garbage day reminder emails to learn about any changes.

  1. Go to the Garbage company and schedule lookup page and enter your home address.
  2. You’ll be taken to Scroll down past the garbage day calendar, to “Your Collection Schedule.”
  3. Enter your email to subscribe to weekly garbage day email reminders.


Find additional information on the main garbage, recycling and compost website, including what can go in each bin and information for businesses and multifamily properties.

Or contact us at or 503-823-7202.

Thank you to garbage and recycling company staff who are working every day to help our community through this crisis.