Play the game and recycle right

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Recycle or Not is a Portland-area campaign to reduce waste and make a big difference for the environment.

With a current focus on plastic takeout containers, Recycle or Not offers a few different ways to interact with the campaign: the website, a mobile-friendly game and on Instagram, @recycleornot.

Test your knowledge: Play the game

Plastic takeout container with text "Recycle...or not?"

Try out the new Recycle or Not game, available in both English and Spanish, where you swipe right to recycle or swipe left for trash.

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Next time you aren’t sure about an item, send a photo to @recycleornot on Instagram. Or visit to see some of the most confusing items and find out where they belong.

Para español, visite o envíe una foto del artículo que usted quiere reciclar a @reciclarono en Instagram.