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Do you want trash with that?

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Take-out items are not recyclable – they belong in the trash.


Leave out the take-out! Take-out items are not recyclable – they belong in the trash.

If you don’t need the straw, fork, spoon, cup, condiments, containers—or a bag, say so!

Head out for cheap eats with an on-the-go kit

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Do your part to reduce single-use items by creating a to-go kit so you’ll have what you need when you need it.

Make a kit for your car, day bag or bike bag. Include reusable shopping bags, a coffee or travel mug, produce bags, silverware or small containers for leftovers. After you use something from your kit, replace it when you get home, so your kit is always with you and ready for anything.

Having an on-the-go kit is good if you eat out a lot, make frequent stops at the store, or tend to forget your reusables (we all do!).

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Need more tips to reduce, reuse and refuse?

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