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Recycling at apartments & multifamily

Three blue recycling rollcarts and a brown metal dumpster shown in a fenced-in apartment building waste area.
Information about garbage and recycling at apartments, condos, townhomes, and other residential communities with five or more units.

Property Managers and Owners 

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If you live in an apartment building or other multifamily community (5 or more units), you should be able to recycle paper, plastic, and metal, and glass (compost is optional). Recycling and garbage containers should be well-labeled and not overflowing. Your property manager should provide you with information about how to recycle and dispose of other waste at move-in, and once every year as a reminder. 

Here’s where to find information about garbage and recycling: 

What can be recycled: See a list of what items are, and aren’t, allowed in Portland recycling and garbage bins. Your property should provide recycling for mixed recycling (paper, metal, plastic) and glass recycling. (Compost is optional.) Still unsure what to do with something? Look up your item on Find A Recycler or call 503-234-3000. 

Large, bulky waste: Ask your property manager where to put large items like mattresses or furniture. If the item is in good condition, call 503-234-3000 for donation options. 

TVs, electronics, and hazardous waste: These items cannot go in the garbage. Ask your property manager or look up your item on Find A Recycler or call 503-234-3000 for drop-off disposal or donation options. 

Compost: If you want to compost food and yard waste, ask your Property Manager about adding this service. 

Problems? Contact your property manager if waste containers are overflowing, not well-labeled, or missing. If these problems continue, contact us

Do you live in or manage a duplex, tri-plex or four-plex? Find information here