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Garbage service for businesses

Learn how to set up garbage service for your business.

Setting up new service

Portland businesses can choose a company (or “hauler”) from almost three dozen permitted garbage, recycling and composting collection companies. Businesses can negotiate service level, frequency and cost; rates are not set by the City. Contracts are not required by the City.

Find a hauler for your business 

Tips for setting up service

Obtain multiple bids and negotiate. The City does not set rates for commercial service. Cost, number and size of containers, frequency of service and days and time of collection are all negotiable. Contact several different permitted companies to discuss your service needs and to get multiple bids.

Contracts are not required. The City does not require businesses to enter into a contract with a garbage and recycling company. If you choose to sign a contract for service, read the details; it may be difficult to change your levels or cost of service during the duration of your contract.

Recycling is required. All Portland businesses are required to recycle paper, plastic bottles, metal cans, and glass bottles and jars. All garbage companies are required to provide, when asked, service for recycling and compost.

Containers are provided by the garbage and recycling company. Roll carts or other external containers for garbage, recycling and compost collection will be provided by your garbage and recycling company. They are required to label all external containers with stickers that clearly identify the items that can go inside. Contact your garbage and recycling company if you would like additional stickers.