Residential garbage rates

Find Portland residential garbage, recycling and compost collection rates, as well as information about how the City sets these rates.
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Standard service rates

The rates below begin July 1, 2023. (See current rates, through June 30, 2023 here).


Your monthly waste collection charge is based on the size of your garbage container. You can choose the size that best fits your needs. To change sizes, call your garbage company. Garbage is collected every other week.

4 garbage cart sizes showing how many garbage bags fit in each - 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Monthly cost$33.95$39.00$43.55$49.90
Weight limit60 pounds85 pounds135 pounds175 pounds

Note: Some homes on the westside of Portland fall into the Westside Terrain Charge area.

Recycling and compost

Weekly collection of recycling (paper, metal, and plastic), compost (food and yard waste), and glass recycling is included in the price of garbage service.

(paper, metal, and plastic)
(food and yard waste)
Container60-gallon blue roll cart60-gallon green roll cart35-gallon yellow bin
Weight limit135 pounds135 pounds35 pounds

Extra services

If you rent a house or apartment, ask your property manager before setting out extra items.

A black garbage bag sits next to a black garbage bin, a paper yard waste bag sits next to a green compost bin, and a holiday tree leans against a green compost bin.
Extra garbageExtra yard wasteHoliday tree
Cost$5.85 per bag or can$3.95 per bag, bundle, or can$5.25 per tree
Weight / size limit32-gallons / 55 pounds32-gallon paper yard waste bag / 45 pounds6 feet maximum height
InstructionsSet next to your garbage bin on your garbage collection day.Set next to your green compost bin.Set next to your green compost bin.

Request a clean bin: ​​Contact your garbage company to request a clean garbage, compost, or recycling bin. They will drop off a new bin and pick up your old one for $16.50.

Rates for all available services

Current rates for all available garbage, recycling and compost services, including on-call service, smallplexes (2-4 residential units), special requests and Westside Terrain charges.

Westside Terrain Area: A Westside Terrain Charge applies to properties in this area, which includes Portland’s hillier westside where low street connectivity, larger lots, and narrow, windy roads increase the costs to collect garbage, recycling, and compost. To determine if a property is within the Westside Terrain Area, look up the address in In the Garbage & Recycling section (under “Utilities”), you’ll see “Westside Terrain Area?” followed by “Yes” or “No.”

How rates are set

Every year the City of Portland sets residential garbage, recycling, and compost collection rates based on a thorough evaluation of what it costs to provide these services.

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability conducts a rate review to establish fair and equitable rates for franchised garbage and recycling companies to charge for collection of residential garbage, recycling, and compost. The rate review includes analysis by an economist and an independent Certified Professional Accountant (CPA). To determine the cost of providing service, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability evaluates multiple factors, including labor, equipment and fuel costs, the average weight of garbage in each can size, disposal charges for solid waste and compostables and the market value and cost to sort recyclables.

The proposed rates are reviewed by the Planning and Sustainability Commission at a public hearing. Finally, the rates are presented to City Council for review and adoption.

Have a question about a service or fee you don’t see here? Contact us for assistance or look in the full residential garbage and recycling rules.