Impacts to City Services

Find information about city services during this Emergency Declaration for Work Stoppage

Garbage day lookup and reminders

Look up your garbage company's name and contact information. Find out what days to set out your trash, recycling and compost. And sign up for garbage day email reminders or download a printable garbage collection schedule.
  1. Look up your garbage company and pickup day

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  2. Sign up for garbage day email reminders

    Once you have entered your address above, you will be taken to your home's listing in

    Scroll down to Your Collection Schedule where you will see the option to Subscribe to weekly email reminders.

    Enter your email, choose the time of day you want to receive the reminder (it will be sent the day before your collection day), and click subscribe.

    If you would like to sign up more than one email address, reload the page after you have subscribed and you'll be able to enter another email.