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Garbage – what goes in the bin

A dark gray circle with a white trash can icon within in is shown next to a dark gray garbage cart.
Learn what can and can’t go in your garbage bin in Portland.
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A plastic retail bag, a green plastic shipping "air pillow," a plastic lined padded mailing envelope, Styrofoam, extension cord, light bulb, plastic lids and screw on caps.

Allowed garbage items

  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic "air pillows," plastic-lined padded mailing envelopes, and Styrofoam.
  • Plastic lids and screwcaps.
  • Garden hoses, extension cords, snow tire chains and holiday lights
  • Light bulbs (incandescent and LED bulbs, but not CFLs.)
Photos of a plastic tortilla chip bag, a clear plastic take-out food container, a white take-out food container, a brown paper take-out food container, a clear plastic drink cup with green "compostable" label, a paper drink cup with plastic lid and straw, plastic utensils, a plastic lined paper coffee bean bag, an ice-cream container, and a frozen food box with plastic tray inside.
  • Coffee cups and lids. 
  • Take-out food containers and wrappers, and paper plates.
  • Drink cups and straws, utensils (paper, plastic and “compostable” items).
  • Frozen food packaging and microwave meal boxes and trays.
  • Facial tissue and paper towels.
  • Painted or stained wood and plywood.

Must be bagged

A tightly tied black garbage bag is shown next to photos of diapers, a bag of dog poop, a bag of cat litter, styrofoam packing peanuts, a plastic disposable glove, a broken ceramic plate, and two clear bottles of grease sealed with caps.
  • Diapers, dog poop, cat litter, feminine hygiene products.
  • Ashes, sawdust and packaging peanuts.
  • Broken ceramics, glass, etc.
  • Cooking oil, kitchen fats and grease must be sealed in a plastic bag or other container before placing in the garbage.

What's not allowed

A red X next to photos of batteries, a CFL lightbulb, a laptop, and a container of motor oil.

Large or bulky items

Homeowners: Ask your garbage company for a cost estimate and to schedule a pickup date. Do not set items on the curb until the pickup day.

Renters and businesses: Talk to the landlord or property manager if you need to set out large items or extra garbage.

Not sure if something is garbage?

Look it up or call 503-234-3000: They’ll tell you if it goes in garbage, recycling, or compost, or where to drop it off for donation or proper disposal.

Or view more items at or @recycleornot on Instagram. (Visite o @reciclarono en Instagram.)

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