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Follow these tips to save money & avoid food waste

April 1 – 7, 2024 is Food Waste Prevention Week. Reducing food waste is a great way to keep your wallet full and positively impact the environment.

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Garbage service delays due to snow and ice

In case of snow or ice, leave garbage, recycling, and compost carts at the curb. They will be emptied as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Holiday garbage and recycling tips

How to recycle common holiday waste, what to do with your tree after the holidays, and pickup delays due to holidays and winter weather.

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Autumn compost tips

Fallen leaves and rotting jack-o-lanterns belong in the green bin.

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Boxes, bubble wrap and more: What’s recyclable?

Find out which types of packaging can be recycled, which go in the trash, and how to avoid overflowing bins.

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Happy 10-year Compost-iversary, Portlanders!

In 2011, Portland’s curbside compost program expanded from just yard waste to include food scraps.

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Packaging: What’s recyclable and what’s not

Whether you’re mailing packages or receiving them, we’re here to clear up what’s recyclable and what’s not in Portland.

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