Community Waste Collection Events

Miscellaneous large items on the ground, including two chairs, a table, and picture frames.
Events and efforts to support collection of household items that aren’t easily disposed of through regular garbage and recycling service, such as mattresses, furniture, rugs, appliances, electronics, or Styrofoam.
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The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is developing new opportunities for collection of household items that aren’t easily disposed of through regular garbage and recycling service. The following is an overview of current, in-progress, and future offerings: 

What to do with hard-to-dispose of items 

We are currently developing a guide to help Portland residents understand their options for getting rid of large household items and other hard-to-dispose of waste. This will include: 

  • Cost estimates of disposal options through your garbage and recycling company. 
  • Pickup options from other waste disposal companies. 
  • Drop-off (self-haul) options and prices through Metro Transfer Stations. 
  • Donation options (drop-off and pick-up). 
  • Reuse and repair resources. 

Need help now? Call 503-234-3000 or search Find A Recycler to learn how to safely dispose, recycle, or donate your items.

Community-led waste collection events 

For community groups or neighborhood associations interested in organizing collection events for hard-to-dispose of items, we can offer guidance, including template event plans and marketing materials. Contact Monica Kelly for assistance. 

Funding may be available for your event through Metro’s Regional Refresh Fund: review the funding guidelines.  

For disposal options, including dumpsters or drop boxes, contact a few of Portland’s permitted commercial garbage and recycling companies to compare costs and container options. Contact Monica Kelly for suggestions of recycling and reuse organizations who may be interesting in taking specific items for recycling (electronics, metal, Styrofoam, etc.) or reuse (furniture, bikes, tools, and more). 

Future bulky waste collection service 

We are working on developing regularly occurring bulky waste collection for Portland residents, beginning with multifamily communities and lower-income households. 

This work is happening in close partnership with Metro and neighboring counties and cities as part of the 2030 Regional Waste Plan.  

History of Community Collection Events 

From 1998 to 2020, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, in partnership with Metro, offered funding and support to help neighborhood associations, community organizations, and nonprofits organize collection events for hard-to-dispose of household waste like furniture, mattresses, large appliances, and electronics. These events were originally called Neighborhood Cleanups and later renamed Community Collection Events. The events evolved to have a strong focus on recycling and reuse. Event organizers partnered with local recycling businesses and nonprofit organizations to salvage items otherwise destined for the landfill. 

During this time, any group of community members could apply for funding through the District Coalition where the event or project took place. This included neighborhood associations as well as youth, school-based, faith-based and/or culturally specific organizations.  

We thank the many passionate volunteers throughout Portland who made these community collection events a success.