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Community Collection Events

These events offered neighborhood, community and nonprofit organizations funds for disposal of bulky household waste.

Community Collection Events Discontinued

Starting July 2020, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) is discontinuing funding for Community Collection Events.

This is due to budget constraints and the availability of disposal options through Metro facilities and services, and through nonprofit organizations and social service agencies that accept a wide range of usable goods and pick up donated materials throughout the year.  

BPS is in the process of developing bulky waste management solutions that serve community members who lack the physical ability, transportation or financial resources necessary to manage these materials. We are also looking at ways to bolster the reuse and repair community that puts usable items in the hands of those in need.  

Thank you to our District Coalition partners and community volunteers

BPS recognizes the leadership of the many passionate neighborhood volunteers that have made community collection events a success. Thanks to their dedication, over the last 18 months alone, these events collected 376 tons of mixed waste, and diverted over 3,000 items for reuse.   

Community groups and neighborhood associations can still independently host collection events. If groups choose to host an event and want drop boxes for waste collection, they can contact any permitted commercial garbage and recycling company to set up service.  

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