Business recycling requirement

A staff member at a retail company puts a flattened, folded up cardboard box into a blue recycling bin. The other photo shows a staff member of a restaurant putting glass bottles into a blue glass recycling bin.
Businesses in Portland are required to recycle. This includes paper, metal, and plastic, as well as glass bottles and jars.

Policy overview

All Portland businesses must separate recyclables from garbage. This means collecting paper, metal, and plastic in one recycling bin, and glass bottles and jars in another.

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If your property manager provides you with garbage service, they are required to provide you with recycling service. 

If you manage your business's garbage service, your garbage and recycling company must provide you with recycling service.

How to set up garbage and recycling service


Free assistance is available. Contact the City's Garbage and Recycling staff.


Businesses found in violation of the policy will receive a written warning from the City of Portland.

If the business does not come into compliance, fines are set at $200 for the first month, $400 for the second month, and $600 for every month after.

Report an out-of-compliance business

Fill out this short form or contact the City's Garbage and Recycling staff to let us know about a business that is not complying with the recycling requirement.

We will contact the business to help them understand the rule and give them up to 30 days to come into compliance before charging fines.

Report an out-of-compliance business

Learn more

Find more detailed information in the City's Commercial Collection Customers: Solid Waste, Recyclables and Compostables Administrative Rules. Contact us with questions.