Business garbage and recycling policies

A restaurant staff member stands in a commercial kitchen and slides a plate of food through a window where a server will pick it up. Icons are shown of a recycling symbol, an apple core, a to-go bag, a to-go food box, to-go silverware, and a dumpster.
City of Portland regulations for businesses related to recycling, single-use bags, Styrofoam, single-use plastics, and proper waste container storage.

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Recycling requirement

Businesses in Portland are required to recycle paper, metal cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles and jars. Learn more.

Food scraps requirement

Some food businesses in Portland will be required to compost their food scraps starting in 2023. Learn more.

Bag ban and fees

Plastic single-use checkout bags cannot be provided by retailers, grocery stores, or restaurants. Paper checkout bags may be provided by retailers and grocery for a 5-cent (or more) fee per bag. Learn more.

Single-use plastics

Businesses in Portland cannot automatically include plastic straws, stirrers, utensils, or individually packaged condiments in a customer’s order for dine-in, drive-through, take-out, or delivery. These items can only be provided upon customer request. Learn more.

Polystyrene foam container ban

Restaurants, grocery stores, and nonprofit food servers in Portland are prohibited from serving or packaging food and beverage in products made of polystyrene foam, often called Styrofoam. Learn more.

Containers in the right of way

Garbage, recycling, and compost containers cannot be stored on public sidewalks or streets. Learn more.