COVID-19 Risk Level for Multnomah County: High Risk

Site Visit COVID-19 Protocols

For the Ezone Map Correction Project

Site visits on individual properties in Portland are done to verify the location of natural resource features, such as streams and trees.  Site visits cannot be performed from the office and must be done in the field.

The protocols below ensure safety of staff and property owners during site visits while providing opportunities for owners to engage with staff, ask questions and receive feedback.

Note: City staff, or their consultants, never access private property without the consent of the owner.

  1. Site visits are conducted by two city staff, or a consultant hired by the city. All staff conducting site visits must be healthy and have had no fever for 2 days prior to any site visit.

  1. Staff and the property owner will determine the date and time of the site visit. Site visits are conducted Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., unless special accommodations need to be made.

  1. Two days prior to the date of the site visits, an email reminder will be sent to the property owner, along with maps and background information.

  1. At least one day prior to the date of the site visit, the property owner will need to provide information about how to access the portion(s) of the property where natural resources may exist.

  1. Staff will drive in separate, City-marked vehicles to the site visits.

  1. Staff will prepare vehicles and equipment the day of site visits by sanitizing the steering wheel, door handles, sides of doors where touched, center consoles, display knobs, equipment (such as clipboards, pens, cameras) and any other surfaces touched. Sanitizing kits will be provided by the City.

  1. Staff will wear face coverings during site visits and sanitize hands, vehicle and equipment between each site visit.

  1. There are two options for property owners during the site visit:

    1. If staff can access the portion(s) of the property without the owner’s assistance, then owner may choose to stay inside or not be present on the property.

    2. The owner may choose to join staff outside to provide access and/or ask questions. We request, and strongly recommend, that the owner wear a face covering when interacting with staff, although it is not required.

  2. Everyone must stay at least 6 feet apart. No physical contact, including shaking hands, is allowed.

  3. Staff are not allowed inside of personal residences or private businesses.

  4. During a site visit, staff will document the presence/absence, location, and extent of natural resources by taking photos and notes. Site visits take about 30 minutes depending on the size of the property. Information obtained on-site is used in the office to update GIS data and mapping.

  5. After arriving back at the garage, staff will sanitize the vehicle’s steering wheel, door handles, sides of doors where touched, center consoles and display knobs. Staff will wash hands thoroughly.

  6. After the site visit, staff will send a follow up email to the owner with the results and notes from the site visit. A follow up phone call can be scheduled to discuss the results if desired.

If staff or the property owner are feeling sick or have had a fever within the last 2 days, the site visit will be rescheduled. An email and/or phone call shall be sent to all parties. Site visits to verify streams, vegetation and slopes can be performed during any season. Wetland determinations are optimally performed during the spring season. Rescheduling a wetland determination may result in the determination being delayed until the 2021 season.

Updated May 28, 2020