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Planning and Sustainability Commission continues public hearing on Ezone Map Correction Project to December 8

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Staff continuing site visits to affected properties until August 31 and holding virtual one-on-one Q&A sessions for property owners who want to learn more.


The Ezone Map Correction Project is correcting the maps of conservation and protection overlay zones (ezones) to better align with existing rivers, streams, wetlands, flood areas, vegetation, steep slopes and wildlife habitat. This will not only protect Portland’s natural resources but also reduce risks to homes and other buildings, as well as roads and other infrastructure, from flooding and landslides. The project focuses on the ‘c’ (conservation) and ‘p’ (protection) overlays with minor edits to the ‘s’ (scenic) zone; other overlay zones, including the ‘b’ (buffer), will remain unaffected.

The Planning and Sustainability Commission has received 177 pieces of written testimony on the proposals. And on July 28, Commissioners heard virtual public testimony from 37 community members.

At the end of the hearing, the PSC continued the hearing to December 8 to allow additional time for staff to complete site visits and the public to comment on the outcome of those site visits. The Commission also stipulated that the last day for property owners to request a site visit is August 31.

Staff will update the Commission on the site visit work and the proposed zone changes at briefings in September and November. You can watch the briefings (live stream and recorded) on the PSC’s YouTube channel. Please check the PSC website to confirm the dates and times for the briefings.

Learn more

There are two ways to view the Proposed Draft:

  1. Look up your property at portlandmaps.com/bps/mapapp, click on “Ezone Project” and look up a street address.

  1. Download a copy of the documents.

Project staff are also hosting online one-on-one question and answer sessions for individuals. Sign up for one 30-minute session.