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Ezone Map Correction Project resumes site visits and PSC briefing

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Project staff are resuming site visits on private property to verify the location of streams and vegetating with new safety protocols are in place.


Between June 2018 and February 2020, the Ezone Map Correction Project staff conducted more than 300 site visits on private property throughout Portland to verify the location of streams, vegetation and steep slopes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team postponed site visits during March, April and May. Now those site visits have been rescheduled for June and July. Additional site visits are being scheduled for August and September. Wetland determinations will be scheduled for winter/spring 2021. 

Site visits are resuming with safety protocols in place. Read more about the safety protocols and contact staff if you would like to schedule a site visit. 

Project Schedule 

Staff will brief the PSC at an upcoming meeting (date TBD), and the Commission will hear public testimony on the Ezone Map Correction Project in July. Please check the PSC calendar one week before each meeting to confirm that the item is still on the calendar, identify the exact time for this agenda item, and find out how to participate.

What is the Ezone Map Correction Project? 

The Environmental Overlay Zone Map Correction Project will adjust the boundaries of the environmental conservation and protection overlay zones to match the locations of streams, wetlands, floodplains, forests, steep slopes and wildlife habitat. We expect the overlay zones will only change slightly on most properties. But some properties may have expanded overlay zones; others may have smaller ones. 

You can learn more in a self-guided presentation

Find your property on a map  

You can use the Ezone Review Map to look up your property. This map will  show you what kinds of environmental protections apply now and what are proposed to change. You can also request a site visit through the Ezone Review Map, and staff will come to your property to review the data.  

Watch the website for release of the proposed draft report by July 1, 2020.