Portland’s buttes and terraces in NE Portland reviewed for environmental protections

Residents living near Rocky Butte, Sullivan’s Gulch, Pier Park, Mocks Crest, Waud Bluff or other northeastern buttes and terraces are invited to review draft remapped environmental overlay zones and attend neighborhood meetings in December and January.
Map of natural resource area under consideration for environmental overlay zone

The City of Portland has been protecting streams, wetlands, forests, steep slopes, wildlife habitat and floodplains for more than 30 years. But since 1989, streams have shifted their course, new development has occurred, and technology has improved so much that we can more accurately identify the important resources that need protecting.

So, we’re “rematching” the environmental overlay zones, or ezones, to the actual location of natural resource features on the ground.

What’s an ezone? It’s a tool that the City of Portland uses to protect important natural resources, like streams, wetlands and forests.

How will this affect you?

We expect the overlay zones will only change slightly on most properties. But some properties will receive expanded ezones; others may have reduced ezones. 

You can use the Ezone Review Map to look up your property and determine what kinds of environmental protections apply. You can also request a site visit through the Ezone Review Map and staff will come to your property to review the data.

How do I use the Ezone Review Map?

Postcards in the mail

If you own a property near Rocky Butte, Sullivan’s Gulch, Pier Park, Mocks Crest, Waud Bluff or other buttes and terraces in Northeast Portland and you have existing ezones on your property or the ezones are proposed to change, you will receive a postcard in the mail.

Learn more

The public is invited to attend neighborhood meetings in January to learn about the Environmental Overlay Zone (Ezone) Map Correction Project.

  • Roseway Neighborhood Association – January 8, 7 p.m.
  • St. Johns Neighborhood Association – January 14, 7 p.m.
  • Overlook Neighborhood Association – January 15, 6:30 p.m.

Please visit the project Calendar for more details 

At the meetings, BPS staff will explain the Ezone Map Correction Project and demonstrate how to use the online mapping tool, which allows people to look up their own property.

Environmental zones map

Request a site visit

Staff will be conducting site visits in this area now through spring 2019. To request a site visit, please visit the Ezone Review Map to look up your property; then click “request a site visit.”

For more information

Visit the website: www.portland.gov/ezone

Email: ezone@portlandoregon.gov

Phone: 503-823-4225