Guide to the Recommended Draft

Woman walking a small dog through a courtyard surrounded by mid-level buildings
The DOZA proposal restructures the processes and tools for Portland’s design overlay zone and design review program to ensure they move us toward the future described in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and Climate Action Plan.

The DOZA proposals to amend the d-overlay were unanimously approved by both the Planning and Sustainability Commission and the Design Commission in Summer 2020. The Commissions spent over seven months reviewing and deliberating over changes.

Read more about the DOZA project, including the Project values. For more information about Design Overlay Zones, view the d-overlay zone basics.

The Recommended Draft is the latest version that the Commissions have recommended for Portland City Council to adopt. Read the Summary of Proposals and specific changes recommended by the Commissions. View the DOZA project homepage for the latest news and events.

These efforts culminated in a series of amendments to the design overlay zone that:

  • Prioritize people in the design of future development.
  • Reduce costs and time in development applications.
  • Promote an anti-racist built environment in discretionary reviews.
  • Incorporate a clear and flexible set of design standards.

The Recommended Draft consists of four volumes: