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About the RFS Technical Advisory Committee (RFS TAC)

Hand touching a diesel pump at a gas station.
The Renewable Fuel Standard Technical Advisory Committee (RFS TAC) was established on July 31, 2023, to advise on technical and economic issues related to the renewable fuel supply as well as meeting fuel requirements. It will meet quarterly, or as needed, through 2030.

The RFS TAC advises the BPS Director on implementation of Portland City Code 16.60, any technical or economic issues associated with renewable fuel supply, and meeting minimum fuel content requirements and carbon intensity standards, as shown in the table below:

Table 1 – Minimum biofuel content requirements for retail diesel sales
Fuel type by volumeCurrentJuly 1, 2024July 1, 2026July 1, 2030
Renewable Fuel with ≤ 40 CI value*5%15%50%99%

*CI value = lifecycle carbon intensity of 40 grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per megajoule (gCO2e/MJ).

The seven-member RFS TAC committee consists of renewable fuel producers and suppliers (both wholesale and retail) and economists. This is a temporary body that will dissolve by Dec. 31, 2030.

RFS TAC members:

  • Mark Bunch, Chair, bp America
  • Andrew Dyke, Vice-Chair, ECONW
  • Chris Efird, NXT
  • Matthew Jubitz, Jubitz
  • Paul Reed, Neste
  • Marc Ventura, Phillips 66
  • Open seat

The RFS TAC will issue a report to the BPS Director regarding renewable fuel market conditions, including an assessment of supply availability and costs by:

  • October 15, 2025, seven months in advance of the May 15, 2026, effective date for the 50% blending requirement.
  • October 15, 2029, seven months in advance of the May 15, 2030, effective date for the 99% blending requirement.

The BPS Director will consider the report findings and may use “interim rule authority” to adjust the Minimum Biofuel Content Requirements and CI Standard if the requirements are temporarily infeasible due to economic or technical circumstances or can be accelerated prior to May 15, 2030. Report findings will also be used by BPS staff to report to City Council on or before Feb. 15, 2026 and Feb. 15, 2030. Use of interim rule authority is based on the Director’s sole discretion, including RFS TAC recommendations, stakeholder feedback, and staff recommendations.

RFS TAC bylaws

RFS TAC reporting deadlines:

  • October 15, 2025
  • October 15, 2029

The RFS TAC seven advisory seats:

  • 1 economist
  • 3 renewable fuel producers
  • 1 wholesale renewable fuel supplier (aka distributor)
  • 2 renewable fuel retailers


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