Apply for a Home Energy Score exemption

Application for exemptions for new construction or other special circumstances.

Exemption from Home Energy Score (HES) requirement

You may qualify for an exemption under certain circumstances.

Apply for an exemption

Required documentation for HES exemption

In some circumstances, a home may qualify for an exemption from Home Energy Score requirements. When a home is in financial distress or is considered condemned or hazardous to enter, you may apply for an exemption. Depending on the exemption reason, you will need to include specific documentation with your application, as noted below.

Foreclosures or Trustee’s sale*

  • Notice of Sale – printed in newspaper OR recorded with County
  • Judgment OR Writ of Execution in foreclosure – following Civil Foreclosure Action
  • Notice of Default

For the purpose of this program a trustee’s sale is defined as the sale of real estate property through a public auction.

*Probate and court appointed trustees are NOT an approved exemption condition. Additionally, representatives for probate are NOT an approved exemption condition.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure sale

  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – recorded with the County
  • Settlement Agreement – between lender and borrower

Pre-foreclosure sale*

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement AND corresponding documents from the transaction that shows that it is a short sale. This may include a Release or a Satisfaction from the lender.

*Only qualifies for homes in which the seller has reached an agreement with the mortgage holder to sell the property for an amount less than the amount owed on the mortgage.

Home qualifies for sale at public auction or acquisition by a public agency due to arrears for property taxes

  • CATBIRD Report
  • Notice of Sale – printed in newspaper
  • Verification from Multnomah County official

Home is under control of a court appointed receiver

  • Order appointing receiver in a civil receivership action

Senior mortgage is subject to a notice of default

  • Current title report AND notice of default

Home is condemned by action of a government entity

  • Order OR Judgment – following civil condemnation action