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Request an Energy Performance Reporting exemption or extension

Find requirements and applications for exemption and extension requests for the Energy Performance Reporting Policy.

This will take around 10 minutes to complete.

Energy Performance Reporting Exemption Form

Under certain circumstances, BPS may exempt a building otherwise covered by this policy for an individual reporting year. To request an exemption, the building owner must submit documentation that establishes at least one of the following:

  1. The covered building or areas of the building subject to the requirements of this section have been fully unoccupied during the entire calendar year for which reporting is required;
  2. The building is a new construction and the building’s certificate of occupancy was issued during the calendar year for which reporting is required;
  3. A demolition permit has been issued for the building during the calendar year for which reporting is required; OR
  4. Due to a special circumstance unique to the building, compliance would cause undue hardship.

Once you have the required documentation, please complete the form linked below to submit an exemption request:

Apply for an exemption

Energy Performance Reporting Extension Requests

If you cannot meet the April 22 reporting deadline due to extenuating circumstances (e.g., waiting on energy use data from a utility or tenants, newly hired to an organization, etc.), you can request an extension using the online form. You will need to identify the building(s) by entering the assigned Portland Building ID, provide the reason for requesting the extension, and include a new proposed reporting deadline.

You can find the Portland Building ID on any compliance notifications you’ve received, or by using the online Find Your Building ID tool.

Apply for an extension


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