Commercial Building Energy Annual Reporting Requirements Suspended for 2022

News Article
Many building owners and managers faced challenges through the pandemic, so the City of Portland will not require annual energy report submissions for large commercial buildings for the 2022 calendar year.

Building energy reports help the City and property managers track energy performance and carbon emissions and help our efforts to decrease the climate impacts of commercial building energy use. The City makes energy performance information from these reports readily available to the public through the City’s online Commercial Building Energy Performance Map.

Building managers are encouraged to continue using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to track energy usage information and keep building records up to date. However, you do not need to submit a report to the City of Portland for the April 22, 2023 deadline.

Reporting will resume the following year, and the next deadline will be April 22, 2024 for reporting on the 2023 calendar year.

Please make sure your building's contact information is up to date in order to receive reminders when reporting resumes. You can update building contact information at any time by visiting our Commercial Building Contact form.


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