How to submit your building energy information

Brief instructions for submitting your annual building energy performance report to the City.

This will take around 30-60 minutes to complete.

Get started

The following instructions are designed for buildings that have reported in previous years and are using an existing building profile in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. If you are new to this process, creating a new building profile, or need additional detail, use the full How-to Guide to complete each step:

If you have reported in previous years, review or update the primary contact information for the person who will coordinate compliance for each building required to submit a report:

Establish/update a building contact

Update your ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® account and property details

Log into your existing account

  1. In the upper right corner of Portfolio Manager, click Account Settings. Review the name, email and phone number listed. Click Make Changes to update this information, if needed.
  2. Under the MyPortfolio tab, click on the name of the building. Go to the Details tab and select the triangle next to each listed property use to show the square footage and other details.
  3. Significant year-to-year changes in use details must be updated by choosing I want to… Update with New Information from the Action dropdown menu.
  4. On the Update Page, enter the new information and effective date of the change (NOT the date you are making the update).
  5. Review the use details for any default or temporary value selections. If the report is submitted with default or temporary values, it will be flagged as containing errors. These must be replaced with actual values. In the Action dropdown menu, choose I want to… Correct Mistakes. From the History Log, enter the actual value and uncheck the Default Value and/or Temporary Value box. DO NOT change the "Current As Of" date.

Check energy meters and update usage data

  1. Go to the Energy tab.
  2. All active meters must have monthly usage data through at least 12/31/2019 with no gaps or overlapping dates. If your data is not current, update your energy usage data using the below options:
    1. Pacific Power customers can request to set up an automated upload of monthly electricity data into Portfolio Manager. Request automated upload.
    2. PGE & NW Natural customers can request an aggregated annual building energy use report. Save the file to your computer.
      1. Request PGE energy usage data
      2. Request NW Natural gas usage data
        1. Under the Energy tab, click on the appropriate meter.
        2. Below the existing data table, click Browse in the Upload data in bulk for this meter section.
        3. Choose the file, then click Upload. Click Save Bills.
      3. Manually enter your building’s energy use data based on available records
        1. Under the Energy tab, click on the appropriate meter, then click Add Another Entry to input new monthly billing dates and usage to the existing dataset.  
        2. When finished, click Save Bills.
  3. On the Energy tab, check that the number of Meters - Used to Compute Metrics reflects energy data for the whole building. If not, click Change Meter Selections and checkmark active (in-use) meters. Then, select "These meter(s) account for the total energy consumption".

Update additional property information

  1. Under the Details tab, find the Unique Identifiers (IDs) box. Next to Standard IDs, click on View and confirm the ID is entered correctly.        If the ID is missing or incorrect, click on the Edit button to correct the Portland Building ID and click Save.
  2. You can choose to enter optional contextual information related to your building’s energy use in the Property Notes field under the Details tab. This could include two types of information:
    1. A building narrative describing energy improvements or changes in energy consumption.
    2. Building profile verification by a licensed professional.
  3. Once entered, click Save Notes. This building narrative will be published by the City annually. Verified and ENERGY STAR certified buildings are eligible for special recognition.

Make sure the Property Notes field is blank if you do not want this information to be published.

Find your Building ID

Submit report to the City of Portland via Portfolio Manager

  1. Visit the Respond to Data Request webpage and review the instructions.
  2. Select whether you are submitting the report for yourself or on behalf of another contact in the About Your Response section. Select the properties that you will be submitting for 2019 in the Your Response section, then click Generate Response Preview.
  3. Under the Reporting tab, find the "Data Request: City of Portland Energy Reporting for 2019 Performance Data" in the Templates & Reports table. Select I want to... Send Response from the Action drop-down menu.
  4. Under E-Sign Your Data Response, check the box and enter your Portfolio Manager username and password. Click E-Sign Response.
  5. Once your e-signature is verified (green check mark), click Send Data. Click Continue on the pop-up notification to confirm submission. You’re done!

The City of Portland will not receive your annual report submission until this step is completed in full. You must visit the Respond to Data Request webpage to generate the 2019 report. Failure to complete this step will result in the building being out of compliance.


Contact the City of Portland Energy Reporting Help Desk, email, or read the full PDF guide below.