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Discover how to become a Certified Deconstruction Contractor
Information about contractors who have met the requirements to perform deconstruction work. Last updated May 24, 2023.
Information about deconstruction requirements that went into effect on October 31, 2016
Apply online for residential demolition permits and permits for demolishing a building in the City of Portland. Get all forms for a residential demo permit including the building permit application. Find information about demolition inspections and get information about major alterations.
(PROGRAM SUSPENDED) You may have leftover and reusable materials from your construction project. These materials may benefit property owners in our community.
Learn about major residential alteration and addition permits in Portland and apply online. Get forms for major alterations removing 50% or more of exterior walls above the foundation or major additions adding more than 500 square feet of space. MRAA permits have notification and delay requirements.
For contractors to complete before and after deconstruction projects