Certified deconstruction contractors

Information about contractors who have met the requirements to perform deconstruction work. Last updated May 24, 2023.

Only Certified Deconstruction Contractors can perform work on deconstruction projects covered by the deconstruction ordinance.

Certified Deconstruction Contractors have met minimum requirements established by the City of Portland for becoming a certified contractor. The list of companies is not an endorsement by the City of Portland.

List of Certified Deconstruction Contractors

Note: All Certified Deconstruction Contractors on this list have their Asbestos and Lead-based paint certifications as needed to perform work on projects covered by Portland City Code 24.55.205 Site Control Measures in Residential Demolitions.

Meticulous Deconstruction
Brianna Ivy (she/her)
Owner | Project Manager | Deconstruction Wizard
Phone: 831-588-4541
Email: meticulousdeconstruction@gmail.com
CCB# 245553

Eco Emergency Response LLC
Contact: Daniel A. Gonzalez
Phone: 503-757-2888 or 503-753-1295
Email: eco.e.response@gmail.com
CCB# 224438

Northwest Deconstruction Specialists
Contact: Forest Endicott
Phone: 503-949-2040
Email: forest@nwdeconstruction.com
CCB# 212336

AAC Decon, Demo and Abatement
Contact: Gilberto Martinez
Mobile: 503-381-7253
Email: gilbert@aacasbestos.com
Contact: Braulio Ramirez
Phone: 503-760-7366
Email: braulio@aacasbestos.com
CCB# 224807

Good Wood Deconstruction & Salvage
Contact: David Greenhill
Phone: 503-863-4398
Email: talk@goodwoodportland.com
CCB# 213160

Lovett Deconstruction, Inc.
Contact: Der Lovett
Phone: 503-954-2347
Email: Der@lovettdeconstruction.com
CCB# 173875

Northwest Abatement Corporation
Contact: Michelle Cortes
Phone: 971-263-9815
Email: Michelle@nwabatementco.com
CCB# 199368

Golden Valley Construction LLC
Contact: Steven Fang
Phone: 503-887-8655
Email: steven@gvhomes.net
CCB# 232275

Alpine Abatement Associates Inc.
Contact: Main Office
Phone: 541-388-2672
Email: Service@alpineabatement.com
CCB# 65094

A1 Hauling & Site Clean Up LLC (dba A1 Demolition & Hauling)
Contact: Thomas Werner
Phone: 503-807-1025
Contact: Tina Werner
Phone: 360-713-4568
Email: A1Office@whatwall.com
CCB# 182466

PMG Abatement Contractor
Contact: Rosa Martinez
Phone: 503-761-5924
Email: rosa@pmgasbestos.com
CCB# 155390

COR Contracting Services, LLC
Contact: Doug Lichter
Phone: 971-346-0601
Email: doug@cordr.com
CCB# 205216

UWD Prebuild, Inc.
Contact: Kimberly Caminschi
Phone: 503-516-7475
Mobile: 425-753-6669
Contact: Andrei Caminschi
Mobile: 503-516-7475
Email: Bids@UWDPrebuild.com
CCB# 204197

3 Diamond Construction, LLC
Contact: Ofelia Lara
Phone: 503-734-6323
Contact: Dionicio Fernandez
Phone: 503-927-6287
Email: 3diamondconstruction@gmail.com
CCB# 200520

Ruffin Construction
Contact: Denise Shaw
Phone: 503-774-8090
Mobile: 503-201-3795
Contact: Patrick Shaw
Mobile: 503-310-1728
Email: ruffinconst@aol.com
CCB# 103355

Dan Riehl Excavating, Inc.
Contact: Dan Riehl
Phone: 503-658-8180
Mobile: 503-781-4933
Email: riehldan@yahoo.com
CCB #135300

Pacificap Construction LLC
: Bradley S. Baertlein
Phone: 503-288-6210
Mobile: 971-930-9746
Email: bbaertlein@pacificap.com
CCB# 230790

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