Become a Certified Deconstruction Contractor

Discover how to become a Certified Deconstruction Contractor

The City of Portland recognizes the Building Materials Reuse Association’s (BMRA) training and curriculum for the purposes of becoming a Certified Deconstruction Contractor. The contractor must be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB). At least one person employed by the company must be certified by completing the four steps below. 

  1. Complete BMRA’s three-day Project Management Training Course.
  2. Pass a skills assessment conducted by a BMRA proctor – this is a one hour assessment of your knowledge and skills in deconstruction.  It is conducted at an actual job site where you can demonstrate proficiency in salvaging certain materials to maximize their value for reuse.
  3. Pass a written exam taken online. 
  4. Track 2,000 hours of experience online in accordance with the BMRA’s core competency requirements for the Designated Deconstructor Credential – past experience counts.

A Training Textbook is available for purchase through the BMRA.

For additional information on becoming certified, please contact Shawn Wood.

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