Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Portland State University announce partnership to advance Clean Industry work

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Projects will spur workforce and economic development while advancing low-carbon work and carbon reduction from industry operations here in Portland.

Portland, Ore.— The Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) and Portland State University (PSU) are thrilled to announce a two-year partnership to advance the Clean Industry Initiative—an effort that will bring together public, private, and nonprofit organizations seeking to help Portland industries and institutions transition to a clean energy economy. The partnership between BPS and PSU implements recommendations from the Portland Clean Industry Study, completed by BPS, and the Clean Industry Assessment and Roadmap Advisory Group. The roadmap identifies areas of opportunity to reduce waste, improve air quality, and advance economic and workforce development for green industries here in Portland. BPS and PSU have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining activities, goals, accountability mechanisms and outcomes for this important work. The MOU will last through October 2025 and each organization will contribute $150,000.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to achieving Portland’s climate goals, alongside our commitment to prosperity and a healthy economy,” said BPS Director Donnie Oliveira. “The Clean Industry Initiative is an important step in not only decarbonizing our industries, but also creating a just transition that uplifts workers and communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis. We are very grateful for PSU’s partnership in advancing this critical work.”

“Portland State is Portland’s driving force for innovation and talent, and we are committed to developing the clean technology research and workforce to power our region’s future,” said PSU President Ann Cudd. “This partnership marks the beginning of a significant move to better connect the university to the needs of industry to ensure a clean and prosperous future for all. We look forward to working with the city and partners throughout the region to develop our climate strategies and meet our workforce needs.”

Working Together for a Cleaner Future

Through the Clean Industry Initiative, BPS has brought together partners including PSU and other public, private and nonprofit organizations, to discuss ways to help local industries achieve climate goals and remain competitive.

The MOU evolved from those conversations and commits PSU and BPS to building a diverse, climate-ready workforce, supporting transformative clean industry innovation, and advancing the goals established in the city’s climate emergency and economic development strategies. PSU and BPS will produce annual reports outlining major activities, outcomes, lessons learned, and recommendations for next steps.

Why this matters

Industrial activities are one of the top producers of carbon emissions across the globe. This work uses a data-driven and collaborative approach to identify opportunities for clean, decarbonized, and inclusive practices, creating a timely opportunity to take advantage of unprecedented grant opportunities at the federal level, and preparing Portland for a future with substantial green job opportunities.

About the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

The Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) develops creative and practical solutions to enhance Portland’s livability, preserve distinctive places and plan for a resilient future. BPS collaborates with community partners to provide comprehensive land use, neighborhood, district, economic, historic and environmental planning, and urban design; research, policy and technical services to advance green building, energy efficiency and the use of solar and renewable energy, waste prevention, composting and recycling, and a sustainable food system; and policy and actions to address climate change.

About PSU

PSU is Oregon’s most diverse and affordable public urban research university, located in the heart of downtown Portland and leading the way to success for all students. With more than 200 degree programs, Portland State meets its 21,000 students where they are and gives them flexibility, opportunities for applied learning, and support to achieve their goals. Our students do more than study the issues: They put new ideas in action to create a just, equitable and sustainable future in Portland and beyond.